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Corporals Course: NCO’s growing into their stripes

By Cpl. Justin M. Boling | | September 5, 2012



The Marines of Class 271-12, the latest graduating class of the Air Station’s Cor­porals Course, graduated at the Lasseter Theatre, Aug. 21.



The three-week course instructs these junior noncommissioned officers to lead, teach and guide young Marines.


The Marine noncommissioned offi­cer is a small unit leader that helps lead their juniors through daily tasks, while teaching them to be the next generation of small unit leaders themselves.


The course consists of numerous writ­ten examinations, uniform inspections, sword and guidon manual evaluation, technical military instruction and field tactics training.


The courses’ culminating event in­cluded land navigation, overcoming the obstacle course and a surprise combat scenario.


The scenario put Marines in squads moving through simulated urban en­vironment where they had to locate a weapon cache, while engaging en­emy aggressors. The event tested their knowledge of field tactics and their abil­ity to patrol an enemy entrenched town.


With certificates in hand and motiva­tion in their hearts they are prepared to more effectively meet the mission of be­ing a Marine noncommissioned officer.


The class will return to their respective units, throughout the Tri-Command to use the tools they received from their in­structors and lead. For more pictures visit, www.facebook.com/MCASBeaufort.