Fall Information Fair brings color to on-base resources

25 Oct 2012 | Sgt. Marcy Sanchez

Amidst the chaos of daily life, juggling work, family, finances and unexpected issues, it’s easy to forget there is a plethora of resources available to service members and their families.

To remind military service members and their families about these services and resources, Team Beaufort, which consists of Marine Corps Community Services, Atlantic Marine Corps Communities and installation personnel and services, held the biannual information fair aboard Laurel Bay Housing Community, Oct. 23.

The fair was open to all military service members and retirees living in on-base housing in the Tri-Command. Free food, drinks and activities were made available as patrons visited information booths for a deeper understanding of resources available.

“The purpose of the fair is to reach out to military personnel dependents and Tri command residents to inform them on all the different services provided to them whether they live on base or off base,” said Christina Swick, the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort MCCS coordinator. “There’s a lot of different programs available to military personnel they’re just not aware of.”

“All the different services are out there making sure the families are aware,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Seth Mangasarian, the MCAS public works officer and fair coordinator. “These services are put together for them; that’s why we’re here.”

The approach to inform the Tri-command community is not only a way to help those in need of a service right now but also a way to arm others with the right information for future needs.

“This is being pro-active and trying to educate before they need that resource so they know where to go,” said Swick. “Whether it’s a financial issue, counseling issue, child care all of those things can create stress for a military family but if they know where to go then it alleviates that stress and makes them better prepared to handle their mission.”

There is something for everyone, for those exiting the military to active individuals seeking outdoor recreation, said Mangasarian.

Military families are always encouraged to pursue resources available on base before paying for services out in the local community.

“There’s great resources on base available to the military family that go through strenuous inspections that most places out in town don’t have to go through,” said Swick.

“These programs are there for them free of charge to help them and their military lifestyle.”

Those who have attended previous information fairs are encouraged to attend future fairs for any updated information that may not have been available at past fairs.

For more information on services available visit your respective installation’s website.