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Brig. Gen. Lori Reynolds, commanding general of Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and Eastern Recruiting Region, presents awards to Marines who placed in the top 3 for each yard line at the 2013 Tri-Command Rifle and Pistol Intramural, Jan. 22. The competitors that demonstrated the professionalism to represent the Tri-Command Community and the desire to continue participating in marksmanship competitions were offered a chance to become a member of the Parris Island Rifle and Pistol Team.

Photo by Cpl. John Wilkes

Rifle and pistol intramural competition

8 Feb 2013 | Cpl. John Wilkes

A Marine looks through the scope of his weapon at a target 500 yards away. Before pulling the trigger he shifts his elbow, re­membering everything he has learned. As the Marine breathes in and exhales, he gently squeezes the trigger. Bang! The bullet twists out of the barrel and flies through the air, strik­ing the target with unerr­ing accuracy.

The precision of Marine riflemen enables them to win battles as well as com­petitions as members of the Marine Corps’ shoot­ing team.

The 2013 Tri-Command Rifle and Pistol Intramurals took place Jan. 6 – Jan. 13 and the awards were pre­sented to service members at the Marine Corps Re­cruit Depot Parris Island Weapons and Field Train­ing Battalion Chapel, Jan. 22.

According to Depot Bul­letin 3590, the Intramural Rifle and Pistol Competi­tions are conducted annu­ally to promote increased proficiency in the use of in­dividual arms. Competitive Marksmanship programs provide the foundation for Corps-wide marksmanship proficiency and enhanced combat readiness.

“The Intramurals provide Marines a great opportuni­ty to participate in friendly competition while enhanc­ing marksmanship skills,” said Master Sgt. Henry Gonzalez, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort station training chief.

Tri-Command service members participated in in­dividual and team competi­tion using the M9 pistol and M16A4/M4 service rifle with Rifle Combat Optic.

Awards were presented to individuals and teams placing in top 3 places for each yard line, as well as an overall champion.

The competitors demon­strated the desire to contin­ue marksmanship competi­tion, ability to teach, and the professionalism to rep­resent the Tri-Command community as a member of the Parris Island Rifle and Pistol Team.

“The Marine who stands out has an opportunity to compete in higher ech­elon competition and pos­sibly become a part of the Marine Corps’ Shooting Team,” said Gonzalez.

Members of the Marine Corps’ shooting team carry on the proud tradition that every Marine is a rifleman and serve as a call to excel­lence for all Marines.