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Brothers Gabriel and Daniel Ryley were the third place contender and winner of the Bolden Elementary/Middle School Spelling Bee, , Feb. 14. Daniel Ryley will move on to compete with other winners from Department of Defense Schools in the region.

Photo by Cpl. Justin M. Boling

Brothers battle for Bolden’s Bee

21 Feb 2013 | Cpl. Justin Boling

Sometimes the difference between winning or going back to class empty handed can be as small as a letter in this sentence.
The participants in this year’s Bolden Elementary/ Middle School’s Spelling Bee, learned this as they stood in front of the judges and tried to spell out v-i-c-t-o-r-y, Feb. 14.
“The event promotes so many good habits in the students,” said Mary Haught, the Bolden Elementary language arts and reading specialist. “They studied and worked hard, and then performed their best today and we are all very proud of them.”
The Bee was performed in rounds, the first few were single elimination with students standing up in front of the judges, peers and parents to spell. The final round allowed the competitors to steal a word and upon spelling it correctly would get a chance to spell a challenge word for the win.
“I was a little nervous,” said Daniel Ryley, the winner of the Bolden spelling bee. “I am really excited to go on to the next round.”
The winner of the Bee will move on to compete with other winners from Department of Defense Schools in the region.
“I am very excited for him,” said Johandy Ryley, Daniel’s mother. “He always enjoyed reading and he studied every word on the list every night.
“I am proud of both of my sons, and how they performed today.”
For Daniel to win he had to beat a competitor, who hit close to home—his older brother, Gabriel.
“I was very happy to compete,” said Gabriel. “I am also very happy that my brother won.”
Gabriel finished third, after Maddy Long, who finished second. Daniel won after spelling the word Algorithm.
“I was only a little happy to beat my brother,” Daniel said. “I cannot wait to do more of these.”
Leadership from throughout the Tri-command was present to watch the competition and to congratulate the winners.
“We are all proud of the competitors,” said Lt. Col. Michael Bowersox, the Headquarters and Support Battalion commanding officer aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. “Winning was not an easy task. Some of those words would have been difficult for most adults to spell.”
Daniel Ryley and all of the competing students, learned how to improve their spelling and successfully spell words that would be difficult for some.