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Becky Salazar, Marine Corps Community Services LifeSkills trainer, speaks to couples during a Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Married workshop at Afterburners, Feb. 26. The workshop teaches young couples about family dynamics and how it can affect behavioral tendencies in relationships.

Photo by Cpl. Rubin J. Tan

MCCS program offers insight into marriage

8 Mar 2013 | Cpl. Rubin Tan

Marine Corps Com­munity Services Family Team Building held a Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Married workshop at Afterburn­ers, Feb. 26 and Feb. 28.

The two-day workshop was open to all couples currently engaged, mar­ried or in a serious rela­tionship.

“Military marriages are unique and should be protected, respected, cherished and be highly invested,” said Becky Salazar, Marine Corps Community Services LifeSkills trainer. “The Marine Corps gives peo­ple the tools needed to be successful in their ca­reers and the LifeSkills Program provides an op­portunity to continually build onto that fulfilled marriage.”

Couples in the work­shop learned more about their partners by participating in group discussions and various small and large group exercises.

The main topics dis­cussed were on family dynamics. By bringing attention to these dy­namics, couples are able to anticipate behaviors that may arise and better relate to each other.

Participants also learned how being a single, first, middle or last-born child can af­fect traits carried into a relationship.

“While learning about the stages of romance, you begin to see how many people don’t look past having children and see the reality of bills and responsibility,” said Navy Lt. Kevin Brigh­ton, the Marine Aircraft Group 31 aeronautical safety officer and native of Manhattan, Kan.

The workshop was a part of the LifeSkills pro­gram offering service members personal and professional growth. To achieve this growth, the workshops cover top­ics such as parenting, partner communication, financial management and more.

“You can’t stay in the Marine Corps for­ever and when that day comes, who will you see in that seat beside you?” said Salazar, a native of Beaufort. “Is it going to be empty or will it be your spouse?”

Free childcare was pro­vided at the Child Devel­opment Center during the workshop.

For more information on the LifeSkills Pro­gram or other classes offered through MCCS, contact Fightertown’s Marine Corps Family Team Building at 228-6141.