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MALS-31 bids farewell to CO

By Cpl. Brady Wood | | May 17, 2013


Marines and sailors gathered for a change of command ceremony for Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, May 10.

During the ceremony, MALS-31, also known as the Stingers, bid farewell to Lt. Col. Bill Gray as he relinquished command of the squadron to Lt. Col. Willie Stansell.

"The Marines of MALS-31 have done everything that I have asked them to do within the past two years," said Gray. "It's been an honor to be your commanding officer during that time."

Under Gray’s command, the Marines and sailors of MALS-31 have succeeded in passing every inspection that came their way with "flying colors," as Gray remarked during the ceremony.

As the incoming commanding officer, Stansell will command the squadron as they prepare for future deployments and support the Marine fighter attack squadrons of Marine Aircraft Group 31.

"I am both honored and humbled to be in the presence of MALS-31 Marines as their commanding officer," said Stansell. "A title which has no meaning or significance without each and everyone of you.

"I look forward to continuing the outstanding reputation that you have established for the Stinger nation and many hours of hard work and dedication that you have already demonstrated," said Stansell, as he addressed Gray.