101 days of summer begins

30 May 2013 | Pfc. Brendan Roethel

The 101 Days of Summer Brief showed service members how to enjoy various recreational activities while keeping in mind safety precautions during the 101 critical days of summer safety stand down aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, May 22-23.

Due to all of the activities and fun surrounded by the summer months, the 101 Days of Summer Campaign takes place during the time between Memorial Day weekend and just after Labor Day to ensure Marines keep in mind safety precautions while enjoying all of their fun summer activities.

During this time it is customary to enjoy several activities including grilling, swimming, boating and taking long trips home to visit family and friends. All of these activities hold risks but with proper precautions these issues can be prevented.

Several outdoor activities such as swimming and riding bikes were discussed along with travelling and consuming alcohol. Various speakers discussed these topics and the consequences that could occur if these activities are done without several safety precautions in place.

Kelly Narowski, a professional speaker and Army spouse, spoke to Fightertown Marines about the various consequences of driving under the influence, including her personal story of becoming a paraplegic after a car crash she was involved in after consuming two drinks before driving. Narowski also touched upon several other factors that can make driving risky, including using cellular devices, eating and adjusting the radio.

"It is important for these service members to understand that their negative actions result in negative consequences," said Narowski. "I want them to learn from this brief and my personal experience. I can only hope that someone takes something from all of this and as a result someone can be saved from having to spend their life in a wheelchair like I have to for the rest of my life."