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Keep your home safe from flames

By Cpl. Brady Wood | | June 6, 2013


The Marine Corps Family Team Building office held a fire safety class at the MCFTB house located aboard the Laurel Bay housing community, May 24.

During the class, attendees were given a presentation by the Air Station Structural Fire Department on how to make their house or apartment stay fire safe.

"This class is mainly to teach the spouses the importance of fire safety," said Joseph Otterbine, the lead fire inspector for MCAS Beaufort. "We also teach them what they can do at their house or apartment to reduce the chance of a fire."

During the class, Otterbine discussed with the group various topics such as: residential fire safety and fire safety tips for every room in the house.

"One of the things I have seen that can lead to fire is overloading electrical circuits," said Otterbine. "The number one cause is a kitchen fire."

According to Otterbine, kitchen fires start when food is left cooking unattended.

The class also offered residents tips on how to remain fire safe outdoors, especially during the summer months when outdoor recreational activity increases in most households.

"During the presentation one of the subjects that was brought up was fire pit safety," said Hannah Snyder, spouse of Cpl. Michael Snyder. "We use our fire pit a lot and after going through this class I can now go back to my house and make sure it's 100 percent fire safe."

After the class was over, attendees walked out the door with a better understanding of how to keep their house or apartment fire safe.

For more information on how to keep your home fire safe, call 228-7339.