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Health fair sweeps through Parris Island

By Cpl. Rubin Tan | | June 28, 2013

Marine Corps Community Service’s Semper Fit Health Promotion Program held a Health and Wellness Fair at the All Weather Training Facility aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, June 19 and 20.


The fair provided Marines with the opportunity to be informed about health information regarding common preventable diseases, injury prevention, nutrition and more.


Mandatory annual briefs were also held at the fair such as alcohol awareness, drug prevention and suicide prevention to help Marines meet annual requirements.        “Having a Health and Wellness Fair keeps your Marines informed on the latest information and should encourage them to live healthy lifestyles while allowing them to ask questions relating to health education,” said Kathy Williams, MCCS health promotions coordinator.


Representatives from Beaufort Memorial Hospital and the Beaufort County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Department also attended the fair to educate Marines.


One station at the fair included a tricycle course for participants to navigate through while wearing goggles to simulate the effects a person would experience after consuming alcohol.


“While under the effects of alcohol you don’t notice how impaired you are which is why it can lead to Marines   making bad decisions,” said Sgt. Rachid Alcala, a 3rd Battalion India Company drill instructor and native of Brownsville, Texas. “The goggles allow Marines to experience the effects of alcohol, which can ultimately help them make the right decisions in the future.”


Each year the Semper Fit Health Promotion Program holds a Health and Wellness Fair for Marines and sailors in the Tri-Command area.

“It’s important to do something different each year at the fair because Marines are always changing and adapting, which makes our goal to continue to present to them something new and interesting,” said Williams, a native of Princeton, W.VA.


For more information about the Health and Wellness Fair contact Kathy Williams at 228-7616 or visit a fitness center aboard Fightertown or Parris Island to speak to a trainer.