MWSS-273 welcomes new commanding officer

28 Jun 2013 | Cpl. Sarah Cherry

Marine Wing Support Squadron 273, also known as the Sweathogs, held a change of command ceremony aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, June 21.

During the ceremony, Lt. Col. William Kohmuench relinquished command of the squadron to Lt. Col. James Stone.


In his final remarks as the Sweathogs commanding officer, Kohmuench said “I am humbled and extremely proud of the Sweathogs and their achievements.”

MWSS-273 provides essential ground support to the F/A-18 Hornet squadrons of Marine Aircraft Group 31. While overseas, that essential support includes communications, weather, motor transport, security and aircraft and ground refueling. Their most recent deployment to Combat Outpost Shukvani, Afghanistan proved successful.


“The Sweathogs were inspired to do more than many thought possible and maintained high morale in the most austere, remote and harshest circumstances,” said Kohmuench. “Our achievements are a direct reflection of the potency and tactical proficiency achieved through significant unit training, cohesion and understanding of supported unit requirements.”

As Stone took charge of the squadron, he said Kohmuench left big shoes to fill.

[Lt. Col. William Kohmuenchs command] is a continuing excellence that MWSS-273 has had in the recent past and goes all the way back since the squadron was formed, said Stone.


Kohmuench will report to the United States Naval Academy as a battalion officer.