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Cpl. Carl Young, a consolidated automatic support system Marine for Marine Aviation Logisitcs Squadron 31, says goodbye to his wife before board a plane to go on a six-month deployment, June 28. The Stingers will be supporting MALS-40 and Operation Enduring Freedom by offering aircraft, ordnance and maintenance support.

Photo by Cpl. Brady Wood

Stingers deploy to OEF

3 Jul 2013 | Cpl. Brady Wood

Aviation Logistics Squadron 31, also known as Stingers, deployed from Ma­rine Corps Air Station Beaufort in sup­port of Operation Enduring Freedom, June 28.

Two days prior to the deployment, Lt. Col. Willie Stansell, the command­ing officer of MALS-31, held a warrior breakfast at the MCAS Beaufort chow hall for the deploying Marines who will augment Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 40 at Camp Leatherneck, Af­ghanistan.

"We will be offering aircraft support while overseas," said Capt. Danny Ham­ler, the operations officer for MALS-31. "We will also be offering ordnance and maintenance support."

In preparation for deployment, the Marines completed multiple pre-de­ployment training courses to prepare for the unforgiving and harsh environ­ment of Afghanistan and their mission while deployed.

Lt. Col. Bill Gray, the commanding of­ficer for MALS-40, demonstrated enthu­siasm for the detachment of deploying Stingers during the warrior breakfast.

"For three years the Stingers have held the highest standard of aircraft readi­ness," said Gray. "These guys are ready, they are the cream of the crop and the best of the best."

The hardest part of any deployment is the fact that families are apart, said Gunnery Sgt. Michael Ward, the mobile facility coordinator for MALS-31.

Ward, a veteran of multiple deploy­ments, believes the downside of being away from family during deployments is combated by the unit camaraderie that comes out of the deployment.

"Deployments help bring everybody together," said Ward. "It helps the senior enlisted understand the junior Marines.

"We are going on this deployment so that we can supply MALS-40 with the support that they need and to complete our mission in Afghanistan," said Ward.