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Veterans of Marine Wing Support Squadron 273, converse with Maj. Charles Sprietsma, the executive officer of MWSS-273, during a reunion at the Beaufort Veterans of Foreign Wars, July 12. The veterans journeyed across states in order to see the future of the squadron they once proudly served.

Photo by Cpl. Brady Wood

MWSS-273 Marines dine with veterans

19 Jul 2013 | Cpl. Brady Wood

The present-day Sweathogs have also taken part in erosion control efforts at Hunting Island State Park, St. Helena tornado clean-up.


One of the Sweathog Marines feels that knowing what past Marines went through allows a Marine that is serving today develop a sense of appreciation for what he does.


“By listening to what veterans went through during their service, you realize that everything you do shouldn’t be taken for granted,” said Lance Cpl. Joseph Priester, a drafting and surveying Marine for MWSS-273. “No matter how hard you think your job is, you will realize that your job was a bit more difficult when a veteran served just by asking them questions or listening to their experience.”


Some people say that when they see a Marine, it makes them wish they were still serving.


“Even though I am serving my country in a different way, I miss serving my country in the Marine Corps,” said Benjamin Jenkins. “I see Marines every now and then at places such as Wal-Mart and they conduct themselves in a way that makes me wish I could still be serving with them. My hat’s o› to them.”


During the reunion, Marines were veterans were able to watch a video which displayed multiple photos during the time in which the veterans served their country.


“I have seen of them here before,” said Sgt. Brad Wenk, a data network specialist for MWSS-273. “Being   able to see the photos and some of the things they went through during their time of service makes me appreciate them even more.”


The Beaufort VFW is open to all service members who wish to show their face and get to know the veterans that regularly go there. For more information or to see what the VFW is doing for veterans and the military, visit their official website,