Time out: Corps offers career intermission

29 Aug 2013 | Sgt. Terika King

The Marine Corps is testing a program that will allow Marines to take a break from service to persue personal goals without completely separating from the Corps.
According to MARADMIN 418/B, participants will retain “full active duty TRICARE health benefits for themselves and their dependents.” They will also receive 1/30th of their basic pay as well as a one-time move to the location of their choice within the continental United States.
The long-term intent of the program is to allow Marines who might otherwise separate the ability to have flexibility to pursue other interests while at the same time retaining their valuable experience when those Marines return to active duty after the one to three year break.
The Career Intermission Pilot Program will select up to 20 officers and 20 enlisted Marines currently serving on active duty to participate in the program between each year from 2013 to 2015. 
Active Reserve Marines are not eligible for the program at this time. 
While in the program Marines will be in the Inactive Ready Reserve and that time will not count toward retirement eligibility or computation of total years of commissioned service.
For more information, see MARADMIN 418/13, or visit your unit career counselor.