Started from bottom

5 Sep 2013 | Lance Cpl. Brendan Roethel

When Sgt. Maj. KeCia Jordan, the sergeant major for MCAS Beaufort, was a junior Marine she juggled the life of being a single parent, learning to master her job field, adjusting to the military lifestyle and the various other changes being a new Marine brings. Through hard work and dedication Jordan overcame the plight of her new life, learning from her situation and using it to help herself and her Marines better themselves.  

Jordan, a native of Jersey City, N.J., enlisted into the Marine Corps in February 1987 and attended recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. In the years after completing recruit training Jordan held several leadership roles at each of her duty stations, also serving as a drill instructor and senior drill instructor for 4th Recruit Training Battalion aboard Parris Island.

“I’ve grown as a leader from one duty station to another, it was hard work, leadership and dedication that opened doors for continued success,” Jordan said. “Being a single parent as a junior Marine and my time as a drill instructor had the greatest influence on my career. If I did not experience these things I would not be in the position I am today.”

As a leader Jordan said she is driven, caring, fair, and strong, but most importantly she is always there for her Marines. Utilizing the experiences of herself and others she has met along her Marine Corps journey, Jordan strives to go above and beyond to help her Marines in their time of need.

“Leaders have to be engaged with their Marines and possess strong communication skills,” Jordan said. “I always stress when I speak to Marines that my doors are always open. If I don’t know about what is going on I cannot help resolve the issues; therefore, I highly encourage Marines to feel free to seek my help. I may not give them the answer they want to hear but I will offer them with the best way to resolve their issues.”

Ensuring the Marines that make Fightertown operate on a daily basis are taken care of is Jordan’s primary mission. She is excited to be working for her Marines as the Air Station sergeant major and is pleased to know that she has made Air Station history by being the first female African American to hold the billet.

“Leading these Marines is an honor, and should not be taken lightly,” Jordan said. “I will work hard to ensure my Marines are doing well and maintain the high state of combat readiness I have observed throughout my time on the Air Station.”