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A mother snaps a photo on her iPhone of the children of St. Peter's Catholic School in the kitchen of the Air Station Structural Fire Department, Oct. 11. St. Peter's visit to the Air Station wrapped a week-long effort by the fire station to increase fire safety awareness during Fire Prevention Week.

Photo by Cpl. R. J. Driver

Students get schooled in fire safety

23 Oct 2013 | Cpl. R.J. Driver

The Air Station ended fire prevention week with a visit from the Kindergarten through 4th-grade classes of St. Peter’s Catholic School, Oct. 11.

The students toured the fire station and received a demonstration of how the fire fighter’s gear and equipment worked, which was concluded by a high-flying ladder act. Fire fighter, Bobby Clark, led the charge.

“This is what I look when I have all my gear on,” Clark explained to the children. “It’s important you know what we look like now, so that you aren't afraid when you see us trying to save you in a fire.” Clark was soon bombarded by eager, little hands excited to become familiar with the gear he wore.

Joseph Otterbine, Air Station Fire Department lead fire inspector, said the overall mission of the visit is to raise awareness of fire safety.

“Children are like sponges,” Otterbine said. “When they go home, they’re going to spread the information to their parents and hopefully get everyone excited in their home about fire safety.

The fire department has participated in several fire safety awareness events throughout the week. Anyone can visit the department for more information.