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Warrior Challenge: Think pink

By Cpl. Sarah Cherry | | October 23, 2013

Marine Corps Community Services Semper Fit program held a Warrior Challenge at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort’s fitness center, Oct. 8 - 10. 

“Everybody wants to participate,” said Quincy Terry, an MCCS group fitness instructor. “It’s a good challenge for Marines, and a chance to raise awareness and a little bit of money for breast cancer.” Competitors raced through a series of obstacles with an optional obstacle to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness.

“My boss, Harriet Fisher, out of the kindness of her heart, is going to donate a dollar for breast cancer awareness for everyone who attempts to rescue Rosie,” said Terry. “The obstacle ‘Rescue Rosi’ is about 150 lbs. of dead weight that you have to carry five yards, turn around, bring her back, and set her on her bench.”

The Warrior Challenge includes elements of the Marine Corps’ combat fitness test, TRX suspension training and High Intensity Tactical Training like ammo can lifts, low crawls and inverted rows.

“The experience was pretty tough,” said Staff Sgt. Latoya Carty, a Marine Corps Recruit Depot Support Battalion drill instructor. “Rescue Rosie weighs about 150 lbs., flipping the tire was even harder, and the sledgehammers were challenging as well.”

Competitors were all timed, although many ran for the challenge, fun or simply to support breast cancer awareness.

“It was worth the challenge,” Carty said. “I think I did well, but I could do better. I’ll do it again next year, definitely.