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MACS-2 welcomes new commander

By Cpl. Brady Wood | | October 28, 2013

Marines with Marine Air Control Squadron 2, Detachment A, gathered aboard Marine Corps Station Beaufort for a change of command ceremony, Oct. 18.


During the ceremony, Capt. Jack Larimore, relinquished command of MCAS-2, Det A. to 1st Lt. Joshua Langham.


“I would like to thank my family for staying behind me, no matter what, as I served,” said Larimore. “I   would also like to thank the Marines for all of your hard work and dedication to the unit. You have made this tour a great success.”


Larimore has been directed to proceed and report to Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa.


Following Larimore’s farewell remarks, Lang-ham gave his thanks to his supporters.


“I would like to thank Lt. Col. Hanson for this opportunity and having faith in me,” said Langham, a native of Silsbee, Texas. “I realize that by being   given this position I have now entered the door of a new challenge, but I believe that with the help of the unit, the challenge will be met.”


The mission of MACS-2 is to detect, identify and control the intercept of hostile aircraft and missiles, and provide navigational assistance to friendly aircraft and provide continuous all-weather, radar, non-radar approach, departure, en route and tower air traffic control services to friendly aircraft.