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A Marine with the Special Reaction Team fires an M16 during a sustainment training exercise in Charleston, S.C., Oct. 23. The SRT is a part of the Provost Marshal's Office and provides a quick-reaction force for extreme situations.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Brendan Roethel

SRT: The Air Station’s force in readiness

1 Nov 2013 | Lance Cpl. Brendan Roethel

Special Reaction Team Marines and police officers with the Provost Marshal’s Office aboard Marine Corps Air StationBeaufort trained at an off base shooting range, Oct. 23.
The team members conducted sustainment training and shooting qualifications for the M4 carbine, the M1014 joint service combat shotgun, the M9 pistol and the M40A5 sniper rifle.
They shot from varying distances, with different drills and target sizes to cover a wide spectrum of possible scenarios.
For SRT members, each aspect of their training and range qualifications are important. Each SRT member must be proficient at his or her job, including making split-second decisions in highly stressful situations.
Training is continuous for SRT members.
“We’re a SWAT team for the Marine Corps,” said Staff Sgt. Joshua Sumer-sett, the SRT commander with PMO aboard the Air Station. “Our mission is to train, practice and rehearse for any situation, such as hostages, barricaded suspects and active shooters on base or any federal facility. We are specially trained to handle missions beyond basically trained military policemen.”
The Marines and civilian officers use this training to increase their capabilities and develop a better proficiency with the weapon systems they use.
“Marksmanship is a major factor in what they do because they might face situations where they have to shoot a person with a hostage close by,” said Fred Calawor, the training chief for PMO aboard the Air Station. “They have to move, think and shoot quickly, calmly and precisely to ensure they remove the threat in a way that allows the victim to walk away from the incident.”
The SRT Marines train daily, preparing for the moment they are called upon to be calm and ready when others are not.