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ASP implementation guidelines are available

By Cpl. R.J. Driver | | December 6, 2013

Since January 1, Marines have been required to complete two breathalyzer screenings while on duty. Now, Marines will be able to view their breathalyzer screening results on their Marine Corps Total Force System training and education report once an entry posts.


   According to MARADMIN 521/13, breathalyzer screening completion for each Marine and sailor shall be entered in MCTFS via the Training Management System, also known as TMS, with Marine On-Line or Unit Diary Manpower Integrated Personnel System by unit administrative personnel.


   Staff Sgt. Dexter Williford, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron substance abuse counselor, said the screenings are completely random and there have not been any positive readings to date for the squadron.


   Under current guidance, a positive screening result of less than.03 is handled by the service member’s direct supervisor. Any result of .04 and up requires a fit for duty test and SACO screening. What the commander does as a result of a positive screening is at their discretion.


   At Behavioral Health Services aboard Parris Island however, there has been an increase in the amount of referrals at the Substance Abuse Counseling Center, which is a good thing according to alcohol abuse prevention specialist, Rebecca Landon.


   The Alcohol Screening Program is a tool for commanders to identify a concern and get service members the proper help before a serious problem arises, explained Landon.


   “There are a range of conditions that play into each positive reading.” Landon continued. “Each situation is unique, and the only way to really know what is going on is for certified counselors to conduct a screening.”


   According to Landon, BHS recommends sending all service members who blow positive to SACC so they can be properly evaluated.


   “The ASP is intended to be a tool for early intervention of alcohol problems,” Landon said. “It’s not intended to have punitive action.”


   To keep track of your results, register for an account at https://ehqmc.usmc.mil/sites/family/mfc/mfc4/asp/20submissions/forms/allitems.aspx