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A Marine with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 hugs his children upon returning from deplooyment, Jan. 10. While deployed, the Marines provided intermediate logistical support to 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (forward).

Photo by Cpl. Sarah Cherry

Stingers back from Smokin’ Aces

21 Jan 2014 | Cpl. Sarah Cherry

Marines with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 returned from a six-month deployment to Afghanistan, Jan. 10.
The Marines deployed as part of MALS-40 to provide logistical support such as maintenance, ordnance and supply for 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (forward).
“The most important task we had while deployed was supporting the flightline, making sure that they had their parts and ordnance ready so they could run combat missions with their aircraft,” said Maj. Patrick Haines, the MALS-40 executive officer for the deployment.
The MALS-31 Marines combined with detachments from various aviation logistics squadrons to form MALS-40. Marines had the opportunity to work with service members with varied jobs in a deployed capacity.
“Going out there, you see people go beyond the wire and go into combat and get to help them,” said Lance Cpl. Carolyn Meece, a maintenance administration specialist with MALS-31 from Morristown, Tenn. “You actually get to see it from a different perspective. It helped me as a Marine. I’m very thankful I went on this deployment.”
Family and friends rejoined with returning Marines, smiling and tearful.
“It is amazing to be back!” said Meece. “I’m so happy to be around my friends and family. I’m going to miss the people from deployment, but it is amazing seeing all these beautiful faces again, and I’m glad to be back in Beaufort.”