Back in the saddle

21 Jan 2014 | Cpl. Brady Wood

Marines aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort attended mission-oriented training upon returning to work from the end of the year holidays, Jan. 6-7.
The brief, titled “Back in the Saddle,” allowed units to refocus on mission priorities and complete required annual training on certain subjects.
Subjects covered during the training included Operational Risk Management, sexual assault and harassment, Victims’ Legal Counsel Organization, off-duty education and Semper Fit.
“I am a big believer in prevention through education,” said Staff Sgt. Lawrence Jones, Marine Aircraft Group 31 ground safety manager. “I believe that even without it being a conscious decision, a Marine will do what he was trained to do. It is beneficial to them and their unit.”
The training gave Marines a perspective on what happened throughout the previous year, and what they can expect in the current year such as deployments and training.
Last year, the Commandant of the Marine Corps released a reawakening message, where he expressed the need for every Marine get back to what a noncommissioned officer should be.
“The reawakening message and BITS training are closely related when you think about it,” said Cpl. Giovanni Figueroa, an air traffic controller with Marine Air Control Squadron 2, Detachment A. “The reawakening dealt with us coming back to the image of what a Marine should be. While BITS training is preparing us for what is expected of us and reawakening the Marine after the holidays.”
Back in the Saddle training is held annually so Marines have the tools to maintain operational standards, unit readiness and the image the Corps has shaped over the past 238 years.