Laugh it up Leathernecks

27 Feb 2014 | Cpl. Sarah Cherry

"For the Leathernecks III" comedy and entertainment tour is scheduled to return to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, March 6 at 2 p.m.

According to, the program is intended to build unit morale, esprit de corps and cohesion. It also gives Marines and sailors a break from their daily grind.

The comedy tour visited the air station last year during January, featuring the Maggie Rose Band and comedians Alex Scott, Geoff Keith, and Tim Gaither, courtesy of the Single Marine and Sailor Program, with free popcorn and drinks from Marine Corps Community Services.

Last year, Scott said he appreciated the opportunity to give back.

"Being prior military, I understand the sacrifices service members have to make in order to answer the call to duty," said Scott. "As a comedian it gives me a feeling of fulfillment to know that what I created is making people laugh and at the same time, we are giving back to those who defend our country."

This year, the lineup includes comedians Rich Aronovitch, Ronnie Jordan and Jim McCue, as well as the country music band The Farm.

"Over the past few years, single Marines have expressed a desire to have higher quality entertainment and events available to them on the installation," said Michael Brown, Headquarters Marine Corps Single Marine Program specialist. "We are trying to bring premier entertainment to Marines and Sailors any way we can. If Marines like these programs, they should let their leadership know and with leadership support we will be able to provide these kinds of programs in the future. "