Air Station celebrates military spouse appreciation day

20 May 2014 | Cpl. Sarah Cherry

Marines aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort held a luncheon for military spouse appreciation day at mess hall 2080, May 9.

The Friday before mother’s day each year recognizes the support, sacrifice, and resiliency military spouses have, which strengthens the operational readiness of the Marine Corps.

“It’s nice to know we’re being thought of,” said Christina Grubbs, spouse of Gunnery Sgt. Jeremiah Grubbs with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251. “Leaving my family and friends, not knowing anybody and him being gone all the time was difficult, especially without anybody to talk to. We sacrifice a lot.”

Military spouses adjust to the culture of the Marine Corps and learn the importance of duties and responsibilities related to the Corps. In some cases, they pack up and move at a moment’s notice when their spouses get orders, sometimes thousands of miles.

“She is a companion and it’s good to have someone to look forward to coming home to,” said Jeremiah Grubbs of his wife. “She supports me, encourages me, and keeps me on the straight and narrow.”

Spouses work through many difficulties while providing support for their spouses, holding down the fort at home and some raising children.  They make countless sacrifices and share the burdens their Marines carry throughout their careers.

Military spouse appreciation day shows spouses that their contributions do not go unnoticed and they are appreciated.

In a message to all Marines, Gen. James F. Amos, commandant of the Marine Corps, said “Bonnie and I want to take this opportunity to recognize the important role military spouses play every day in keeping our Marine Corps strong and our country safe. We appreciate all you do in support of the Marine Corps and encourage all Marines to take the time to recognize and honor your sacrifices.”