HITT lockers: Unlock your potential

15 Aug 2014 | Cpl. Sarah Cherry

Light begins to break across the horizon as heavy ropes slap into the dewy grass. A timer beeps, and the ropes are quickly abandoned for weighted squats.

The High Intensity Tactical Training program provides an alternative source of strength and conditioning training for combat readiness. Two HITT lockers aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort allow for easy access to equipment outside of the gym.

“HITT gives Marines an alternate approach to functional fitness which employs injury prevention,” said Jonathan Hutchison, the Tri-Command HITT coordinator. “The HITT lockers are readily available for Marines to use.”

The HITT lockers are checked out on a first come, first serve basis.
The locker at the gym can be checked out at the front desk of the gym. The locker located in front of Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 and behind the Provost Marshall’s Office can be checked out through MALS-31 training section.

“HITT offers a legitimate strength and conditioning program where traditional strength and conditioning has failed,” said Sgt. Adam Rennie, a HITT instructor stationed aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “The concepts behind HITT produce tactical athletes who are actually ready for the physical demands they will, in fact, encounter in a battlefield environment.”

Equipment in the lockers includes bumper plates, kettlebells, battle ropes, and more. The outside of each locker has pull up bars and is equipped for TRX.

TRX is a suspension training bodyweight exercise program.

“The HITT lockers themselves contain training tools, weights and apparatus that help mimic what a Marine would functionally need to be prepared for in any given and unplanned situation,” said Rennie.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island also has two HITT lockers, located at the gym and Weapons and Field Training Battalion.

The HITT program includes research-based curriculum coupled with practical application to develop warrior athletes, and follows national standards set by the National Strength and Conditioning Agency.

In addition to the checkout option, HITT lockers are used for HITT classes, HITT instructor trainer classes, and unit physical training in addition.

For more information on the HITT program or HITT lockers, contact Jonathan Hutchison at 228-7170.

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