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Reach out, help a Marine or sailor

By Cpl. Sarah Cherry | Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort | March 6, 2015


People face different hardships at different times in their lives with different resources, and service members are no different. One of the resources available to Marines and sailors is the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, which is currently holding their 2015 active duty fund drive.

"Because of you, the Society is able to start 2015 on solid ground, ready to provide for sailors, Marines and their families when they need to relocate, rebuild, or recover," reads the NMCRS website.

To be able to help Marines in 2016, the Society relies on Marines and sailors taking care of their own by supporting the fund drive.

"There are two purposes for the fund drive," said Pam Mentzer, director of the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort NMCRS. "The fund drive makes Marines and sailors aware that we’re here to help, and of course raises funds to help them."

The mission of the NMCRS is to help sailors and Marines become financially self-sufficient by learning how to manage their personal finances and prepare for unplanned expense.

They accomplish this through many financial and educational services. Marines and sailors can get financial counseling, loans, post-combat support, emergency travel support, and scholarships among other services.

Marines depend on each other in the office, in the air, and overseas in many capacities. The NMCRS is just one more example of Marines and sailors taking care of their own.