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Setting Marines up to lead, succeed

By Lance Cpl. Jonah Lovy | Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort | October 22, 2015


As many Marines know, promotion varies depending on your military occupational specialty and Marine Corps-wide advancement standards. Factors that determine promotion include a cutting score for a specific field, proficiency and conduct, and individual effort.

            Lance corporals looking to advance to the rank of corporal are required to complete the Lance Corporal Leadership Ethics Seminar according to MARADMIN 521/14.

The seminar is built to remind lance corporals why they are important to the Marine Corps.  The seminar is structured similar to the Marine Corps Corporals Course with classes such as ethics, leadership skills and corps values.

“This course teaches them the framework of what it takes to be a leader and gives them the opportunity to prove themselves,” said Sgt. Maj. Edward Hebron, the sergeant major of Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron. “It’s a great resident course here at Beaufort.”

This course is a stepping stone designed to prepare Marines for future leadership courses.

“When Marines are corporals and sergeants they will be required to attend more leadership seminars,” said Hebron. “Lance corporals course is a first step.”    

Implemented in 2013, the seminar stands on the belief of four main tenants of Marine Corps leadership, each representing a different value: physical, mental, spirit and social. According to the MARADMIN, all of these values need to be properly entwined together.

“Our Corps is built around values that every Marine should know,” said Staff Sgt. Cesar Gonzales, an instructor with the headquarters and headquarters squadron lance corporal seminar aboard the air station.

Until 2013, the Corps had no official class or seminar designed specifically for lance corporals. As far as military education, Marines were considered promotable if they had completed the Leading Marines distance education course.  Now, the course has a practical and comprehensive approach to leadership.

“It’s no secret that these junior Marines are our future non-commissioned officers who will be responsible for our Corps,” said Hebron. “We need to set them up to be successful leaders.”

            However the seminar is not the only requirement for promotion. The MARADMIN states that as of Oct. 1, 2015 Marines must complete the professional military education course on Marinenet, Leading Marines, as well as the leadership class. Lance corporals must also attain the appropriate composite score as designated by their MOS.

            Due to the high demand, Marines must communicate early their intent to attend the course to their chain of command and make appropriate preparations.

Although requirement completed, Marines must have the approval of their chain command stating they are ready for increased responsibilities and deemed worthy of the title of non-commissioned officer.

Throughout the year the command will continue to provide Marines with leadership courses such as the lance corporal seminar. The responsibility falls within the Marine to stay on top of their promotion requirements and understanding the importance of it for their careers.