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VMFAT-502 Activation and Re-designation

June 23, 2020


Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort will host the activation of the Marine Corps’ newest training squadron for the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter jets. The activation ceremony for Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 502 (VMFAT-502) will take place at 5:13 p.m. on June 26, aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

This marks the activation of the Marine Corps’ second F-35 Fleet Replacement Squadron and will be commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Carlton Wilson.
The squadron, formally known as VMA-513, was deactivated on July 12, 2013. On June 26, 2020 VMA-513 will be activated then re-designated as VMFAT-502. Marine Fighter Squadron 513 has had a significant role over the past 75 years of Marine Corps Aviation and with its re-designation as VMFAT-502 it will continue to play a significant role in Marine Aviation’s story going forward.

For media interested in products related to the activation ceremony, please contact Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort’s Communication Strategy and Operations.

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort 1st Lt. Kevin Buss