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MCAS Beaufort Update
The local National Weather Service forecast for the Beaufort area this weekend indicates sustained winds of approximately 20 miles an hour (gusts up to 30 miles an hour) and rainfall less than 2 inches. Based on these conditions, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort will resume normal working hours for all active duty and civilian personnel on Monday, September 17. Deviations from this may be considered on a case-by-case basis by your chain of command or direct supervisor. Please communicate with them directly on this matter. If you are traveling this weekend remain vigilant and aware of traffic and road conditions. We here at MCAS Beaufort need you ready to continue the mission come Monday morning.   


The mission of the MCAS Beaufort Safety Department is to provide a safe and healthy working environment, which supports the war fighter, improves combat readiness and effectiveness, and improves morale and well being for all. The ultimate goal for the department  is to achieve, through rigorous hazard identification and risk assessment practices, a sustainable operational readiness posture, where safety and Operational Risk Management (ORM) are embedded in all day to day operations, tactical planning, and on and off duty recreational activities.  Our risk management policy is designed to promote "shared ownership" of the safety program by all, instead of "forced accountability" by a few.  Because our Safety Program is founded upon shared values and not imposed rules, all Marines, Sailors, civilian employees and contractor staff, who make up the whole of MCAS Beaufort, must accept the responsibility for incorporating safety into each and every operation. 

Points of Contact
Name Title Phone Email
Ron Lanoie Director of Safety 843-228-7800 ronald.lanoie@usmc.mil
Delroy Tingley Explosive Safety Officer 843-228-7827 delroy.tingley@usmc.mil
Craig Kovacs Safety and Health Specialist 843-228-7804 craig.kovacs@usmc.mil
Mike Giese Safety and Health Specialist 843-228-7858 michael.giese@usmc.mil
Paul Gullick Safety and Health Specialist 843-228-7808 paul.gullick@usmc.mil
Adam Gray Safety and Health Specialist 843-228-6938


Station Safety NCOIC 843-228-6988
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