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Course Information
  1. Purpose: To assist in the preparation and selection of Marines that have been chosen to attend the Corporals Leadership Course (CLC).
  2. Information: In order to prevent Marines from being turned away upon arrival, it is necessary that parent commands ensure their Marines satisfy enrollment prerequisites. If there are any questions, please contact the school at 843-228-6346/7919. Chain of commands are encouraged to contact the school at anytime.
  3. Action: Marines must bring a signed copy of this screening checklist with them to ensure that they have been properly screened by their command.
  4. TAD orders are not necessary to attend the Course.
General Information

1.     Lance Corporals must have at a minimum 12 months TIG, and have a letter of recommendation signed by their Commanding Officer, along with pro and con marks of 4.6/4.6.or higher. These should be attached to the recommendation letter.(Can be waived by Station Sergeant Major)

2.     All students must have a minimum of 1-year left on their current contract in order to be eligible to participate in the course. (Can be waived by your Commanding Officer or Sergeant Major, include a signed waiver with screening checklist)

3.     Students may not be recalled back to their work section during the 4 week course. Ensure students have taken care of all personal matters and appointments prior to commencement of course.

4.     There is no longer a formal wall locker inspection, but Marines will have uniform inspections throughout the course and are expected to have all uniforms ready prior to attending the course

5.     Students will bring additional PT gear and boots for PT.

6.     Marines must have completed and passed a PFT within 30 days of reporting and be within height and weight standards. Must be verified by the Marines SgtMaj, 1stSgt or OIC.

7.     Students will take 2 written comp exams, and will be evaluated on Sword and Guidon Manual, Conduct a 5 minute TMI, Land navigation, and a PFT/CFT.

8.     Commands are always welcome to check on their Marines progress at any time during the course.

9.     We will accept qualified students from any command on or outside the Beaufort Tri-Command area.

10.   Students do not need orders from their unit to attend the course.

11.   Commands must contact the school if their Marine needs a room (outside commands or single Marines with no vehicle). We will do our best to make space.

12.   Messing is available.

13.   Commands must submit nominations at least one week prior to the class start date. For enrollments or questions, contact Corporals Leadership Course at 228-7948/7919 (DSN 335) or Please include the following information for enrollments: Rank, Last Name, First Name, EDIPI, Male/Female, Blood Type, TIG, TIS, DOR, EAS, SgtMaj /1stSgt Name & Phone number, Billeting Y / N.


Uniform and Gear List

Uniforms needed:

  1. Service Alpha Uniform (Complete, Check-in/Uniform Inspection)
  2. Service Bravo Uniform (Nov-Mar)
  3. Service Charlie Uniform (Apr-Oct)
  4. Dress Blues Trousers
  5. Utility Uniform (2 sets of the seasonal Utility uniform and 1 set of the opposite utility uniform) Seasonal guidelines-Woodland (Nov- Mar); Desert (Apr – Oct)
  6. P.T. Gear (Plain Green T-Shirt/Shorts, Running Suit (Nov-Mar), White Socks (No logos), appropriate running Shoes
  7. Boots (2 sets min.)
  8. Gortex Top/Bottom
  9. Must have Garrison cover for Service A and Service C
  10. Assault Pack (CIF Issued)
  11. E-Tool

Miscellaneous items:

  1. Hygiene Gear / Personal Items
  2. One, 3 inch 3 ring binder
  3. Protractor (for Land Nav)
  4. Fine Tip Map Pens