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Processing Outbound Shipments

Before a shipment can be shipped, the unit must complete a DD form 1149 shipping document.

1. In block 1 unit will enter their unit address

2. In block 2 enter the destination address

3. In block 3 put the destination department of defense activity address code.

4. In block 4 enter the transportation account code.

5. In block 5 enter the date the requisition was created.

6. In block 6 enter the requistion number.

7. In block 8 enter the priority code of the shipment.

8. In block (b) enter the nomenclature of the shipment.

9. Enter the length, width and height of shipment in the description box.

10. Enter total weight of shipment.

Once the unit has completed a DD form 1149 shipping document, the unit will bring the shipment to the DMO freight warehouse.

If the unit elects to box and package the shipment themselves, they will be responsible for any damages the shipment may sustain during transport.

If the unit decides to bring the shipment to the DMO freight section unpacked, the DMO will handle all packing, preservation, planning and transportation of the shipment.

Once the shipment has been packed, planned and shipped, the unit will receive a copy of the DD form 1149 with tracking information.

All shipments that have not been received by the DMO before 2:30 p.m. will not be shipped until the following day.

Receiving Shipments

When shipments are received by the DMO receiving section, the ultimate consignee is contacted to inform them of the shipment's arrival.

The gaining unit will come to the DMO and sign for the shipment.

In order to sign for a shipment, the individual signing for the cargo must bring a valid CAC card for identification purposes.

The signees CAC card will be scanned where the AMS system will capture their first and last name, social security number, signature and date.

If the unit is signing for classified or confidential materials, the unit must provide the DMO office with an indivdual who has been directed by that unit via a memorandum from the OIC. The signee must have at least a secret security clearance to receive the shipment.

Classified cargo cannot be stored in the DMO warehouse overnight. The unit must pick up all classified and confidential shipments immediately once they have been notified by the DMO.