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Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

"The Noise You Hear, is the Sound of FREEDOM."
Airfield Operations


The mission of the Airfield Operations Division is to promote the safe and efficient movement of aircraft, vehicles and pedestrians operating within the Aircraft Operations Area in order to enable the operational readiness of MCAS Beaufort.



Base Operations is located in Building 600 on the first deck and is staffed during those periods when the airfield is open.    



All inquiries regarding operations should be made to the Community Hotline at (843) 228-6229. More information on the community hotline is detailed on the MCAS Beaufort website: www.beaufort.marines.mil.


Unmanned Aircraft Flight Restrictions

MCAS Beaufort is committed to ensuring that the airspace it administers remains safe. Recreational, model aircraft and toy drone flight activity is prohibited on MCAS Beaufort and Laurel Bay Housing.



Vehicle operators on airports face conditions that are not normally encountered on public streets and highways. Therefore, anyone with vehicular access to the Aircraft Operating Area, and a need to be there, must have an appropriate level of knowledge of airport rules and regulations.


AVOC and RVOC Courses.  Two courses are offered to train and license vehicle operators to suit their airfield access needs.  The Airfield Vehicle Operator’s Course (AVOC) for those needing to operate on the Movement Area (runways, taxiways, and safety areas), and the Ramp Vehicle Operator Course (RVOC) for Flightline driving access on the aircraft parking ramps.


Licensing Requirements.  In order to take either course, personnel must have a valid state driver’s license and an indorsement letter from their Squadron’s Commanding Officer or senior civilian supervisor to operate a vehicle on the airfield/ramp.


RVOC Course Material and Testing.  The RVOC Course is available through the Unit Level Access Control Officer (ULACO).  RVOC testing is conducted every Wednesday from 1400-1600 hours at Base Operations (Bldg. 600).  Applicants are expected to study the RVOC training material in advance and be prepared to test upon arrival.  A 90 percent or better is required to successfully pass.  RVOC Course failures will not be allowed to re-test until the following Wednesday. 


NOTE:  Vehicle operators must have their airfield/ramp driver license in their possession any time when operating a vehicle on the airfield or ramp, and be ready to present it upon request to Airfield Operations staff.





  • Airfield Diagram 

  • ATC Terms and Phraseology


  • Ground Vehicle Guide and Pre-Test (for AVOC Applicants)