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"The Noise You Hear, is the Sound of FREEDOM."
Community Resources

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort strives to foster a positive and proactive relationship with neighbors of the Air Station and Townsend Bombing Range, as well as other local and national communities, through providing effective community outreach and education. The resources listed on this webpage provide more information on Air Station operations and programs. To stay up to date on MCAS Beaufort activities, please follow us on social media:


- MCAS Beaufort Facebook at www.facebook.com/MCASBeaufort

- MCAS Beaufort Twitter at www.twitter.com/MCASBeaufortSC



  In the early 1970s, the United States Department of Defense (DOD) initiated the Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) program to balance the need for aircraft operations with community concerns related to aircraft noise and accident potential. The goal of the AICUZ program is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of those living and working in the vicinity of a military installation while sustaining the military’s operational mission. The AICUZ study defines high noise zones and accident potential zones (APZs) surrounding military airfields and recommends land uses that are compatible within these zones. Local governments are encouraged to incorporate AICUZ program compatibility guidelines as an element of land use planning and development practices.

  MCAS Beaufort has had an AICUZ program since 1977. MCAS Beaufort and Lowcountry governments have been working together for years to incorporate the AICUZ study into county and city planning documents, and to support the community in understanding the AICUZ program and its planning guidance. The most recent AICUZ study was completed in 2013. In addition to protecting the public safety and health, by sustaining the mission of MCAS Beaufort, these programs protect the taxpayer's investment in national defense and the military’s economic benefits to the Beaufort area. Please see the resources heading for downloads and more information.

Downloadable Resources & Links


The Community Relations section of MCAS Beaufort coordinates tours for groups interested in learning more about MCAS Beaufort or Townsend Bombing Range, and special requests for military participation or involvement in community events, such as those listed below. Please send all requests by e-mail to the MCAS Beaufort Office of Communication at BFRT_JPAO@usmc.mil. For more information, please contact the Community Relations Coordinator at (843) 228-7201 or 7225.


Please note there are restrictions regarding military support of various events. The U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy have restrictions governing the support of events at sites owned or leased by religious, political and special-interest organizations, or for organizations that may discredit the U.S. Armed Forces. Requests should be for events that are open to the public and hold community-wide interest. 


Special requests include but are not limited to: Link to form download  Request submittal deadline 
Tours Tour Request Form at least 45 days in advance
Aircraft flyover USMC Community Relations at least 90 days in advance
Aircraft static display DD Form 2536 at least 90 days in advance
Equipment Static Display DD Form 2536 at least 90 days in advance
Guest speaker, volunteers, official attendance DD Form 2536 at least 15 days in advance
Organization use of base facilities for training, billeting, etc.  DD Form 2536 at least 60 days in advance 
Color Guard, rifle details or funeral details DD Form 2536 at least 30 days in advance 
Operations & Noise Inquiries