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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosives (CBRNE):
These web sites provide information about individual and family emergency and disaster preparation. They include information on CBRNE events, Shelter in Place, preparation of Emergency Kits and other useful information.
Pandemic Influenza Resources:

Department of Defense (DoD) Pandemic Influenza Watchboard
This web page addresses the Department of Defense response to avian and pandemic influenza and explains how it could affect Service members and civilian health. It also provides frequently asked questions on avian and pandemic influenza and provides resources for preparing for an outbreak.

US Department of Health & Human Resources 
This web page is sponsored by the US Department of Health & Human Resources and contains numerous pandemic influenza related links and documents.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
This web page provides background information about avian influenza, including recent outbreaks, the viruses, and the risk to human health.

World Health Organization (WHO)
WHO is coordinating the global response to human cases of avian influenza and monitoring the corresponding threat of an influenza pandemic. Information on this page tracks the evolving situation and provides access to both technical guidelines and information useful for the general public.

National strategy for pandemic influenza implementation plan
General Pandemic Influenza Planning Guidance and History.

Pandemic/Avian Influenza Informational Pamphlets & Videos: