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MCAS Beaufort Energy Ethos

It is the mission of MCAS Beaufort Energy Team to reduce energy consumption across all activities when feasible and in accordance with HQMC, DoD and SECNAV strategies. To help achieve Marine Corps energy conservation goals, we will commit to and focus the majority of our efforts and resources on meeting or exceeding the following Energy Policy Act mandated objectives:

  • Reduce facility energy intensity by 37% of FY 2003 levels by FY 2020
  • Increase renewable energy usage by 18.3% by FY 2020
  • Reduce use of fossil fuels by 30 % of FY 2005 levels by FY 2020
  • Reduce facility potable water consumption by 26% of FY 2007 levels by FY 2020

Energy Progress

To view Energy Progress pdf. click here.