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Effecting the safe, timely, and accurate movement of personnel, government cargo, and personal property.


To assist in supporting the Tri-Command mission by effecting the safe, timely and accurate movement of personnel, government cargo, and personal property from origin to destination via all modes of transport using military and commercial assets, services, and systems organic to, contracted for, or controlled by the Department of Defense in peace and war.


To provide efficient and effective services for the transportation of personal property, personnel, and freight cargo for all DOD members moving within Tri-Command areas of operation.


Location: Building 612 “Station Supply” MCAS, Beaufort, SC 29904.
Distribution Chief
Personal Property
MCRD Parris Island



The freight section is located at BLDG 612 Bay13 and is responsible for shipping and receiving freight for all Tri-Command Units to exclude the Marine Corps Exchange and Commissary.



The Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO), located within the Station Supply Bldg. 612, provides personal property entitlement counseling. PPPO accepts and reviews all applications for shipment and storage submitted by the member using the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). The DPS contains pertinent information regarding your responsibilities and the Transportation Service Provider’s (TSP) responsibilities in servicing your move. PPPO will verify your entitlement and advise you for shipment and storage of household goods. Please provide two weeks’ notice for pickup, or four weeks' notice during the peak season from April through August. Please contact our office at (843) 228-7124/7125 or email


Please access the Defense Personal Property System at for the following How to Guides:
  • Self-Counseling
  • Log in to DPS
  • Shipment Status Check
  • Personal Info Update
  • Request a Reweigh
  • Request a Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • File a claim
If your application for shipment was not processed in DPS, please contact us via email at (843) 228-7124/7125 or email
We understand the importance of meeting your transportation needs. Our staff will make every effort to ensure your requirements are handled professionally and with all the courtesy you deserve as a valued customer. If you have any questions that the website does not answer, please feel free to contact the appropriate member of our staff listed in the “contact us” page. It’s not feasible to cover every possibility in this website as entitlements and policies are constantly changing. When in doubt, please contact our office for validation. We strictly adhere to all Personal Property entitlements in accordance with the Joint Travel Regulation, Defense Transportation Regulation, and Marine Corps Orders. Please view the links and choose the section you may need help with. During Peak Season (April - September), we handle an extremely high volume of calls, and despite our best efforts, some may get missed. If possible, we are glad to welcome walk-in customer in order to assign you with a counselor.  


The Passenger Transportation Office (PTO) arranges all transportation for Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) and Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel needs for service members, military dependents and Department of Defense (DOD) civilians.
Official “No Fee” Passport acceptance services is also provided by this office. Special Issuance Passports (SIP). (i.e., official, diplomatic, service, or no-fee regular) are used for travel when the bearer is on official business for the U.S. government. Special Issuance Passports may not be used for personal travel other than entering or exiting your country of assignment.
Where appropriate, dependents of such persons may be issued official passports. A Special Issuance Passports (SIP), military dependent passport is valid only for use in connection with the bearer’s residence abroad and as a dependent of a member of the American military or naval forces outside the United States.
We here at the Passenger Transportation Office pride ourselves on providing quality travel service. Customer service is important, so we strive hard to provide the best service to our travelers. By understanding the transportation process, hopefully it will enhance your travel experience. If you have travel questions, please don't hesitate in contacting our office 843-228-7204.
Official/No Fee Passport Application Procedures
Location: Station Supply Bldg. 612 – Passenger Travel
Hours of Operation: 0800-1130 & 1300-1600
Please call or email us:
Office Phone Number: 843-228-7204
Passport Agent Mr. Jordan Phone: 843-228-7117
Passport Agent Mrs. Watson: 843-228-7864
Passport Agent Ms. Scott: 843-228-7107
*For Passport Checklist/ List of Documents and Unit processing Email:
Turnaround time for passports is 6-8 weeks
NOTE: Less than 6 weeks will require a letter of expedite. All expedite letters must be signed by an O-7/SES.
CTO Travel Assistance

CWT Sato Travel 1-866-950-1640 /