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The Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Adjutant is a Special Staff officer. The Adjutant provides administrative support to the Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, the subordinate commanders, and tenant commands aboard MCAS Beaufort. 

The Adjutant Section is responsible for: Coordinating internal and external administrative requirements; tracking and monitoring urgent administrative support requested by higher headquarters and/or subordinate commands; preparing and publishing duty roster assignments; publishing staff regulations, preparing, reviewing, and staffing command correspondence to include special interest correspondence;  processing military and civilian personal awards, unit awards, and special awards; managing the Casualty Assistance Program; maintaining command correspondence files; managing the, distribution control, and accountability of the command's publications and manages the Directives Control Point (DCP); managing the command's Forms, Records, and Reports Management programs, managing the Voter Assistance Program, and managing the Department of the Navy (DON) Tracker tasking system.