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Victim and Witness Assistance Program

Mission Statement

MCAS Beaufort’s Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) is designed to ensure victims and witnesses of crime are treated with fairness and dignity and are afforded their rights throughout the criminal justice process – from the first report of a crime through any period of confinement adjudged by a court-martial.

The Marine Corps VWAP instruction is contained at MCO 5800.16 ch.4

First Lieutenant Zachery A. Roland is the Victim Witness Liaison Officer (VWLO) for MCAS Beaufort and acts as the Commanding Officer, MCAS Beaufort’s manager for the VWAP program aboard the air station.  In that capacity, First Lieutenant Zachery A. Roland chairs the VWAP Council, manages and maintains a list of all unit Victim Witness Assistance Coordinators and other base Victim Witness Representatives, provides liaison with local civilian services for victims of crime and is the central point of contact for the base program.

Pursuant to Marine Corps Directives, each office or agency which provides services to victims and witnesses (see list below) appoints a Victim Witness Assistance Representative and each unit (Squadron level and above) appoints a Victim Witness Assistance Coordinator (VWAC).  The VWAC and other representatives are responsible for that unit or office’s part of the base VWAP.

First Lieutenant Zachery A. Roland can be contacted at (843) 228-7313 or



MCAS Beaufort’s chaplains offer counseling, religious ministries and related services to victims and witnesses upon request. 

(843) 228-7775 or (843) 228-7121 (after hours)


Legal Assistance

The legal assistance office is located aboard MCRD Parris Island.  They can provide assistance for family matters such as divorce and child support and can provide a referral to civilian attorneys when needed.

(843) 228-2559


Prosecution/Military Justice Office

The military justice office is located aboard MCRD Parris Island.  They provide support to MCAS Beaufort and the tenant commands by prosecuting Marines and sailors in general, special, and summary courts-martial.  Rights and services afforded by the military justice office to victims and witnesses during the criminal trial process include:  the right to be present at all public court proceedings, the right to be contacted about the proposed dismissal of any and all charges, the right to be consulted on decisions not to prosecute, the right to be contacted regarding the proposed terms of any negotiated plea deal, and the right to be notified of the acceptance of a guilty plea, or any conviction, sentencing and imprisonment of the accused.

(843) 228-4927


MCAS Beaufort Criminal Investigation and Law Enforcement

NCIS, CID and PMO provide investigative services for criminal offenses.  Criminal investigators and law enforcement personnel are responsible for providing victims and witnesses of crimes with the initial information under the VWAP and ensuring they have points of contact for all available services and assistance under the VWAP.

NICS:  (843) 228-7477/7215

CID:  (843) 228-7786/6009

PMO:  (843) 228-6710


Victim Advocacy Support Program

Beaufort’s victim advocates respond to sexual assault and domestic violence incidences 24/7 by providing supportive and advocacy services for the victim.  For more information and help call (843) 228-6900.  For help after normal business hours call (843) 592-0646.


Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

Marie Brodie, as the SARC, coordinates all the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) activities aboard MCAS Beaufort and is a point of contact for victims of sexual assault.  She may be reached at (843) 228-6904 or The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate position is currently vacant.  


Correction Facilities (Brig)

Military brigs house inmates before, during, and after trial.  An accused male service member placed in pretrial confinement or sentenced to less than 15 years is normally housed at Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston.  A female service member who is placed in pretrial confinement is housed at the Beaufort County Detention Center.  A post-conviction female inmate or male inmate convicted of a sex crime will be housed at MCAS Miramar.  A male inmate serving more than 15 years will be housed at Leavenworth. 

Charleston Brig:  (843) 743-0306

Miramar Brig:  (858) 577-7069

Leavenworth:  (913) 682-8700

Beaufort County Detention Center:  (843) 470-5715



Naval Hospital Beaufort provides medical services for military personnel and dependents.

Appointment Line:  (843) 228-5175



Hopeful Horizons – Family Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Advocacy 843-524-2256

Beaufort County Department of Social Services: (843) 525-7861

Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA): (843) 524-4350

MCAS Family Advocacy:  (843) 228-6126/7057

Rape Crisis & Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-868-2632

Beaufort City Victim Advocate: (843) 470-3716

Beaufort County Victim Advocate: (843) 255-3410/3420

Port Royal Victim Advocate: (843) 986-2226

A unit VWAC is the command’s primary point of contact for victim and witness assistance matters. In conjunction with the VWLO, VWACs coordinate victim and witness assistance matters within their unit. Victims and witnesses should not hesitate to contact their unit’s VWAC for more information, assistance, or to help get in contact with victim and witness assistance services.