MCAS Beaufort Destructive Weather

Destructive Weather


From MCAS Beaufort Mission Assurance: NOAA climate prediction center, predicts a weak El Nino climate pattern will persist through winter resulting in a relatively warmer and wetter winter for the Southern US states and a relatively warmer and mild winter with average snowfall in the Northern and Midwest states. These conditions will persist until spring. Monitor the latest forecasts and briefings from the National Weather Service in order to prepare your family for any extreme weather affecting our area or along your route during vacations.

If there are any concerns or needed weather support during this transition, please contact the MCAS Beaufort METOC office at DSN: 335-7904/7927, COM: (843)228-7904/7927, or email at BFRT_METOC_FORECASTER@USMC.MIL.  The hours of operation for the METOC services Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., services are unavailable weekends and holidays. For additional support after hours or during the holidays, please contact the Regional METOC Center (RMC) at DSN: 582-7600/8507/2523/2346, COM: (252)466-7600/8507/2523/2346, or email at MCIEAST_METOC_CENTER@USMC.MIL.