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      Townsend Bombing Range is the East Coast’s premier air-to-ground training range. It provides the nation’s aircrews access to world-class training, which is critical to maintain a strong national defense in a world of ever-changing opponents, battlegrounds, and technologies.


      Located in Long and McIntosh Counties in southeast, coastal Georgia, Townsend Bombing Range is 82 miles southwest of MCAS Beaufort. It is the primary air-to-ground training range for aviation units stationed at MCAS Beaufort, home to Marine Aircraft Group 31. In addition to being an essential training asset to Marine Corps aviation units, Navy, Air Force and Air National Guard, and Army units from more than six states also train at Townsend Bombing Range and its complex of Special Use Airspace. 

      The Marine Corps’ flight controllers at Townsend Bombing Range direct military aircraft to the target area where inert (non-explosive) munitions are delivered to simulated military targets. Inert munitions contain a small spotting charge that activates upon impact to help score the run. Highly sophisticated scoring equipment locates the proximity of the munitions’ impact to the target.  Pilots also conduct low-angle strafing training (shooting at large “bulls-eye” targets set up on the range), and close air support training exercises.

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