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Aviators and air traffic controllers graduate the Marine Division Tactics Course graduation aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Feb. 2. MDTC took the Marines and honed their skills in air-to-air and air-to-ground tactics. After MDTC, the graduates are qualified to attend the Weapons and Tactics Instructors Course.

Photo by Cpl. Cameron D. Darrough

Aviators graduate MDTC

2 Feb 2018 | Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Aviators and air traffic controllers graduated the four-week Marine Division Tactics Course earning the title MDTC Instructor aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Feb. 2.

After weeks of classroom instruction and air-to-air tactics training, the graduates are now MDTC Instructors for their squadron and can attend the Weapons and Tactics Instructors Course.

“This course is important for all aviators,” said Col. James Wellons the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One commanding officer. “We are in a world that is uncertain. The training we do here prepares us to survive and win tomorrows fights.”

MDTC is one of the largest exercises Marine Aircraft Group 31 holds all year. The exercise utilizes all of MAG-31 as well as Marine Fighter Training squadron 401, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 112, and the Airborne Tactical Advantage Company. During the four weeks, the exercise was one of the biggest priorities for MAG-31.

“Throughout MDTC class 1-18 we had 104 sorties and roughly 100.2 flight hours,” said Maj. Thomas Lee, MAWTS-1 F/A-18 division head. “In those same four weeks, the MAG accomplished 334 sorties accumulating to 363.5 flight hours. To put thing into perspective the MAG allocated 34% of its sorties and 28% of its flight hours just for MDTC. When we had to re-schedule the culminating exercise to get these students graduated on time, colonel Latt didn’t hesitate to make it happen. We couldn’t have done this course without the MAG and all of its squadrons. Each squadron sacrificed personnel, aircraft, its time, and training hours to support MDTC and these students.”

With their graduation of MDTC, the aviators take another step closer to becoming the best the Marine Corps has to offer. The graduates will go on to follow on courses such as WTI, hone their skills and continue supporting the Marine Air Ground Task Force.

“The one thing I talk to my superiors about the most is training for future fights,” said Wellons. “We are facing competitors who think they can defeat us in air-to air and air-to ground tactics. You are going to need the tools and skills you developed. What you did here is worthwhile and I want to congratulate on you graduation.

Remember, when much is given, much is expected. Semper Fidelis.

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