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Personal Financial Counselor; here to help Marines

3 May 2018 | Cpl. Benjamin McDonald Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Marines seeking financial advice can get it from the Personal Financial Counselor or Personal Financial Manger aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

The PFC and PFM are both resources provided to all Marines aboard the air station by Marine Corps Community Services.

"My job is to work with Marines, Sailors, and their families who have questions about anything to do with finances," said Jim Trosen, a PFC aboard the air station. "I usually help service members with debt, budgeting, investing, and credit. The difference between the PFM and myself is everything discussed with me is confidential. My job is to help service members without them being afraid to disclose any information about their finances. They don’t have to be afraid of me saying anything to their command. I’m just here to help."

Along with giving financial advice to Fightertown service members, the PFC and PFM give classes to train command sponsored financial specialists.

"These Command Financial Specialists are supposed to be the first line of defense for the different units on base," said Trosen. "They are trained by the PFM and myself on basic financial matters. Their job is to guide the members of their unit on small financial matters or maybe a base or military related financial issue a service member might face. If someone comes to a Command Financial Specialist with a matter over their head, they are trained to refer that individual to either the base PFC or PFM so we can further help that service member."

Both the PFC and PFM work in building 596 aboard the air station. They can be requested to teach classes or work one on one.

"I love what I do and who I work around," said Trosen. "Ever since I got out of the Army, I wanted to work around the military again. I appreciate everything the Marines and Sailors do for us on this base and the least I can do is help them the best way I know how. My goal is to reduce the debt of a Marine or Sailor that meets with me and raise their credit score and so far, that’s what I’ve done. Since I arrived here, Marines have met with me and come back to tell me their credit scores have jumped by utilizing my advice. There is no greater feeling than giving that advice to a Marine or Sailor and watch it help them succeed in life."

If any personnel or family member want to make an appointment with the PFC, they can contact them at PFC. or call 843-999-5891. If any personnel or family member want to make an appointment with the PFM they can email at or call 843-228-7055.