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TMO to DMO – still focused on distribution

15 May 2009 | Lance Cpl. Elyssa Quesada Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

The Air Station’s Traffic Management Office has a new name - the Distribution Management Office. Service members can still find what they need when they are making a permanent change of station or deployment.

The Marine Corps, along with the other Department of Defense services, understood that the focus shifted to the distribution of items, from the shelf to the fighting hole and all working parts in between, according to Sgt. Milton Cummings, DMO platoon sergeant.

Although the name change has already been adopted throughout the Marine Corps, they are still focused on the importance of precision inbound, outbound, shipping and receiving cargo throughout Fightertown.

“The change of name gives those who come to us a better understanding of what we do,” said Sgt. Deon Whitner, DMO receiving noncommissioned officer-in-charge.

The Marines, sailors and DoD employees who work in DMO each have specific jobs to ensure that people come to DMO and leave knowing their household goods, vehicle or cargo is in safe hands.

There are several departments in DMO including outbound, inbound, non-temporary storage, and booking.
The mission of receiving is to receive, process and distribute freight to the reporting Department of Defense Activity Address Code, according to Whitner.

Inbound focuses on anyone new to Fightertown and receives any additional shipments.  Inbound shipment can include aircraft parts, military vehicles, racks and more.
The outbound section of DMO collects and prepares paperwork for a member who has orders to a new duty station or who is retiring, Whitner added.

“When a member comes into DMO, they can elect to have their household goods sent to their residence or put in storage until they have a residence,” Cummings said.
The Joint Federal Travel Regulation volumes one and two, outline the entitlements for uniformed service members.

The outbound section consists of weighing cargo and building a box to fit the size of the item in order to ship the package commercially or through the military to arrive at its appointed destination.
Not only does DMO transport cargo, but ,through booking members, can also arrange travel from point A to B with the help of civilian employees.

There is also non-temporary storage available for the Marines and sailors who find themselves slated for an upcoming deployment. They can rest assured their belongings in the barracks are scheduled for pick up and drop off.

The Distribution Management Office’s focus remains the same: to process and receive cargo, household goods, personnel and more.

“Our mission is here with the service members who come to our office, to make sure everything is set-up,” Phillips said. “As DMO, we are the representatives between the service member or DoD employee and their delivery service.”