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Sweathogs win coveted fuel award

By Cpl. Christopher Zahn | | May 22, 2009

The Sweathogs of Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 were recently presented several awards for excellence in fuel management. These awards identified the superior contributions of Navy and Marine Corps units to the fuel operations and fleet fuel support missions.

The awards are presented annually under the sponsorship of the American Petroleum Institute, an international petroleum trade organization, to recognize activities and personnel that made the most significant contributions to the Department of the Navy fuel operations, petroleum supply chain management and fleet fuel support. They highlighted the accomplishments of the Sweathogs fuels department, who demonstrated their pride, professionalism and support for the mission on a daily basis. 

 The unit received the overall award for best Marine Corps Tactical Unit. Chief Warrant Officer Kevin Pierre received the award for Marine Corps fuel officer runner-up; the Marine Corps fuel staff noncommissioned officer winner is Gunnery Sgt. Delvon M. Survine; and the Marine Corps fuel NCO winner is Sgt Javier E. Corcino.

“It makes you see that all the hard work you put into your job, is recognized it,” said Gunnery Sgt. Carlton Francis, the fuels platoon staff noncommissioned officer in charge. “This is the highest honor that any fueler can be given.

“My Marines did a phenomenal job,” Francis continued. “Everything I asked them to do — the long hours, the 36-hour operations — they never wavered. Because of them we won this award.”

The Marine Corps fuel SNCO winner also felt that he wouldn’t have been a recipient of this award without the support and dedication of his junior, subordinate Marines.

“I was very fortunate to be in a unit with the best fueler Marines in the Corps,” Survine said. “It was a two-year buildup before I was considered for this award. We have all trained very well, and the Marines have been pushing hard every day.”

Survine said he didn’t need an award to let him know he had a great group of Marines who were on his side and who had his back.

“We had refueled more aircraft than any other unit considered for the awards we won,” Survine said. “We were lucky not to have any incidents and no violations. Winning this award was more of the icing on the cake in knowing our Marines can always get the mission accomplished.”