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MAG-31 Change of Command

24 Jul 2009 | Sgt. Gina C. Rindt Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Colonel Gregg Brinegar relinquished command of Marine Aircraft Group 31 to Col. David Robinson during a change-of-command ceremony Wednesday aboard the Air Station.
Robinson reports to the group from the J-8 Force Structure, Resources and Assessment directorate of the joint staff at the Pentagon.

“I’m looking forward to the future opportunities being presented to me,” Brinegar said. “I’ll get to be a part of all the important decisions being made everyday in the Marine Corps.”

Since Brinegar took command of MAG-31 in August 2007, he successfully deployed squadrons in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, the Unit Deployment Program and many other deployments in-country and abroad.

“Brinegar cares about his Marines and sailors and is proud of them,” said Sgt. Maj. Clarence Richardson, the MAG-31 sergeant major. “We are all grateful for the hard work and sacrifices made by the Marines, sailors and their families.”

He’s an officer who listens, makes good decisions and takes advice.”

Brinegar displayed a commitment to the Marines and sailors of MAG-31, supporting all the deployments and making sure every unit and individual deploying was combat ready and prepared to complete the mission, according to Maj. Gen. James Flock, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing commanding general.

He would routinely be the first to shake a Marine or sailor’s hand when they arrived back to Fightertown, or the last when they departed.

“I’ve learned and had a lot of fun while aboard the Air Station,” Brinegar said. “I always tried to get the Marines and sailors together for organized runs, field meets and events to celebrate who we are first and foremost, Marines.”

During the time aboard the Air Station, Brinegar has seen the base grow in many ways.

“I’ve been able to witness new facilities being built as well as others getting renovated,” Brinegar said. “More services are offered to better the quality and help the personnel aboard the Air Station both physically and mentally.”

Brinegar first reported to MAG-31 in May 2001, where he served as the executive officer for Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 and VMFA-115. He later took command of VMFA-115 in May 2002.

“Being a part of the squadrons on base gave me a lot of experience and worthy information to better myself,” Brinegar said. “It helped me learn more about taking care of my Marines and sailors, to make sure they are well cared for.”

If they are physically and mentally strong they will work harder and put more into the end product.”

Friends and family were welcomed during the change-of-command ceremony by Marines and sailors on and off the Air Station, to include Gen. James Amos, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Flock and Col. John Snider, the Air Station commanding officer.

Brinegar will report to the Pentagon to be the military assistant to the Secretary of the Navy after leaving the Air Station.

After the ceremony, Marines, sailors and special guests, of the Air Station were invited to attend a reception at the Officers’ Club and Burners aboard the Air Station.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my friends and family,” Brinegar said. “Leaving is a bitter sweet evolution because it can be difficult to leave great Marines and sailors along with the great experiences I’ve had during my time here, but it’s part of growing as a leader and Marine.”