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Yellow Ribbon Cruise for spouses of Fightertown service members

4 Sep 2009 | Pfc. Courtney C. Hundley Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

As rain drops poured in the moist evening breeze at the Beaufort marina, a crowd of military spouses boarded the Spirit of Harbor Town for a three-hour Yellow Ribbon Cruise, sponsored by Marine Corps Community Services and Fort Sill National Bank, Aug. 28. 

The Yellow Ribbon Cruise is an annual event that brings spouses of Marines and sailors, including those who are deployed, together from the Air Station.

The theme for the cruise was casino with lounge music, dice lamps, coin pieces, and more.  Spouses enjoyed a dinner of prime rib or garlic and herb roasted chicken.

The dinner and cruise gave the spouses a chance to meet other people going through the same struggles during deployments.

“It can be really hard working and raising a family on your own while your husband is on deployment,” said Clarinder Floyd, wife of a fightertown Marine. “This cruise gives you an opportunity to meet other people who are going through the same things.”

This year the Yellow Ribbon cruise was not only offered to spouses of deployed Marines and sailors but to all spouses of Marines and sailors aboard the Air Station. There were around  100 military spouses aboard this cruise.

“I think it’s good they offered this cruise to all of the military spouses because even though not all of our husbands are currently deployed, it’s a great way to get a break,” said Jessica Tidquist, wife of a fightertown Marine.

There are many programs to help out spouses of Marines and sailors while they’re on deployment, for example, the Yellow Ribbon Cruise, the Yellow Footprints Cruise, and the Beyond the Brief Program, a program to help spouses occupy their time and learn more about what their spouses will be doing during deployment, according to Ligaya Lowe, the readiness and deployment trainer with the Air Station Marine Corps Family Team Building.

“The intentions of these programs are to boost morale and honor spouses of deployed Marines and sailors and give them a chance to relax,” Lowe said.

With several Marines and sailors constantly being deployed, it’s the spouses’ responsibility to continue the morale and success of the military community and their families, according to Floyd.

“It can be stressful being a single parent and holding a job, but it’s still important to stay involved in the military and support our Marines and sailors while they are over seas,” Floyd said.
For more information involving upcoming deployment support, contact Lowe at 228-7311.