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Bolden Elementary/Middle School goes above, beyond

12 Feb 2010 | Lance Cpl. Courtney C. White Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Students receive a quality educational experience at Bolden Elementary/Middle School aboard Laurel Bay.

In the past year, Bolden has added several teachers to the staff who go beyond the job and have enforced a dress code.

“Qualified teachers are placed on a referral list to be selected for employment at Bolden,” said Charles Yahres, Bolden’s principal. “We carefully select the most qualified teachers depending on previous experience, reference and military background.”

Teachers of Bolden are not alone in the quest for success: there have been several staff members that were rated teacher of the year at schools in the community before coming to teach aboard Laurel Bay.

“I was referenced here by other teachers who knew me and how I teach classes,” said Susan Schmidt, a 7th and 8th grade English teacher at Bolden, who was selected as teacher of the year at Robert Smalls Middle School before teaching at Bolden. “I heard that they had a need for a teacher, I wanted to fill that need.”

Bolden’s teachers take their time to work with each student, build a good working relationship and develop a way for each student to learn while maintaining a safe learning environment for students.

“The school uniform policy was made to promote pride and improve safety, good order and discipline while maintaining a strict focus on academic achievement,” Yahres explained.

The Laurel Bay schools offer a safe environment in which students and teachers can feel comfortable learning and teaching, according to Yahres.

Uniform restrictions not only prevent distractions and inappropriate attire, but also help ensure that students are not sneaking prohibited items such as laser lights, weapons or replicas of weapons into the school.

Students are encouraged to speak to a teacher or counselor if they know of another student bringing one of these prohibited items to school.

Bolden continuously offers an exceptional teaching staff and enforces school regulations to preserve a safe learning environment.

“I feel very safe and comfortable teaching my students here,” Schmidt said.