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VMFA(AW)-533 change of command

By Cpl. Sarah Cherry | | June 27, 2014

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin T. O’Rourke relinquished command of Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533 to Lt. Col. Alvin Bryant in a change of command ceremony aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, June 19.

O’Rourke took command of VMFA(AW)-533 in March 2013. He received notice two weeks prior, and deployed to the western pacific with the Hawks less than a month later.
Through that deployment, Bryant was at his side as the executive officer for the squadron.

Bryant has served in many capacities with the Hawks since 2002. His billets held include legal officer, family readiness officer, operations officer and executive officer among others.
He has deployed in support of Operation Southern Watch, Operation Iraqi Freedom and multiple unit deployments to the western Pacific with the Hawks.

Under O’Rourke, the Hawks have excelled at safety and maintenance inspections and performed above expectations during exercises and deployments.

“Our guys are hitting it out of the park,” said O’Rourke.

With one of their own at the helm, the Hawks will continue to excel.