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Reenlistment season aboard Fightertown

2 Jul 2015 | Lance Cpl. Jonah Lovy Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

 It’s that time of year again where Marines across the globe are faced with a tough decision; they can either leave the Marine Corps or attempt to reenlist.

“It’s a tough decision either way,” said Gun­nery Sgt. Eric Sweezor, former career planner for Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “Ma­rines should take a good look at their strengths and weaknesses before deciding to reenlist.

“Reenlistment standards in the Marine Corps are higher than ever, said Sweezor. It’s becoming a competition to stay in.”

Some of the basic requirements for reenlist­ment include having a recommendation from their commanding officer and must demonstrate the high standards of leadership, professional competence, appearance, and personal behav­ior, meet medical and dental standards, have a current passing score on the Physical Fitness Test and Combat Fitness Test, and meet height and weight standards.

Speak to your unit’s career planner for a com­plete list of requirements.

“If Marines are squared away and motivated about staying in, we would love to keep them in the Corps,” said Sweezor.