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Marines play corn hole during the Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron fall festival at the chapel aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Oct. 17. Single Marines were invited to enjoy the day to promote a sense of camaraderie within the unit. The Marines are with H&HS.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jonah Lovy

H&HS kicks off the holiday season

20 Oct 2015 | Lance Cpl. Jonah Lovy Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron held a fall festival at the chapel aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Oct. 17. Marines, spouses and children were invited for a day of autumn activities to kick off the holiday season.

“This is the first squadron event of the season,” said Staff Sgt. Melissa Garbutt, the training chief with H&HS. “We have great activities for the kids and food for everyone.”

            Activities included pumpkin painting, kid friendly sumo wrestling, pumpkin throwing, bouncy houses and more. Marines and their families had the opportunity to play and relax together.

“It’s about unit cohesion as well as bringing Marines and civilians together in a family setting,” said Sgt. Maj. Edward Hebron, the sergeant major of H&HS. “Everyone is out here meeting each other and just having a great time.”

            The Marines get to interact every day during work, but seldom get the chance to spend time with each other’s families in a casual setting.  

            “The biggest thing is promoting the idea that this unit cares about families and cares about giving people opportunities to interact and have a good time outside of work,” said Hebron.

            The event was not only for those with families, but single Marines as well. For many of them, this is their first holiday season away from home.

            “This is also for those Marines who don’t have the opportunity to go home on a regular basis,” said Hebron. “We need to support them and let them know that we are their family too.”

Volunteers from the air station helped set up the tents and run the activities. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting brought several trucks to display.

“We are out here to help set up the event and to make sure everyone’s having a good time,” said Cpl. Francis Provat, a firefighter with ARFF.

            Even though the volunteers were working the event, they were still welcome to participate in the festivities and engage with the guests.

“I’m glad to see a lot of the families out here today,” said Provat. “There are definitely a lot of young people and that’s really what’s important. We all know each other form work but having everyone here with their kids and spouses is a great thing.”

In the past, this festival has been open to the whole base but this year H&HS decided to hold their own.

“Last year we had an event for everyone on base but today is just for Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron so we can have that feeling of community,” said Hebron.

As the first event of the holiday season, the fall festival sets the stage for many other events and occasions. The next event is the unit costume run Oct. 30. Marines from H&HS are invited to dress up for the run.

“Then comes the time off we get for Thanksgiving and Christmas season,” said Garbutt. “[H&HS] will hold events for them as well.”

            Senior Marines, junior Marines, spouses and children of all ages enjoyed this year’s festival which lasted approximately four hours.

“Things are going great today and we had a good turn-out,” said Hebron. “Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.”

            In the spirit of the holiday season, everyone in the H&HS family was welcome.

“This base is our home and everyone should feel comfortable here,” said Provat.