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Intelligence Marines recruit aboard MCAS Beaufort

26 Aug 2016 | Lance Cpl. Ashley Phillips Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

A team of Counter Intelligence and Human Intelligence recruiters visited Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Aug. 24. The 0211 were from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.

“Counter intelligence is protecting against terrorism, espionage, and sabotage,” said one of the recruiters.

“Human intelligence is the collection of intelligence from a human being. Other services generally separate the two, but with the Marine Corps, you are specialized in both.”

According to the recruiters, CI/HUMINT Marines can do multiple jobs depending on their billets. They could deploy ahead of Marine Expeditionary Units to gather intelligence.

They could be on recruiting duties. They could conduct interrogations. One of the requirements for applicants is willingness to deploy often.

“Our one goal we have in mind is to protect other Marines,” said the recruiter. “That’s what we want to do; save lives and protect Marines.”

Many Marines join CI/HUMINT to both extend their horizons and to contribute in a more direct way to the mission of the
Marine Corps.

“Most Marines who join feel like they are not providing that direct support to the mission,” said another recruiter. “They aren’t getting the satisfaction of what they really joined to do, to benefit the whole Marine Corps. By collecting information to protect Marines around you, getting to see your information that you collected used and influencing a community, that’s where you get the satisfaction.”

“Intelligence drives ops,” said the recruiter. “An infantry commander is not going to send his Marines into a warzone without knowing the risks. An F-18 pilot is not going to fly without knowing if there is surface to air missiles. An osprey is not going to land without knowing what the landing zone looks like. We are the people on the ground, physically looking at these areas before another Marine goes in. We are on the front line, ahead of time, prepping the battle field.”

Any Marine who meets the following criteria can join:

  • GT score of 110 or higher
  • Male or Female Cpl. to Sgt.
  • 21 years of age
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Eligible for Top Secret Clearance
  • Willing to deploy often
  • 60 month reenlistment
  • Minimal derogatory history

“You go to the Marine Air Ground Task Force Counter Intelligence/Human Intelligence course. From there you learn how to be a counter intelligence agent and conduct counter intelligence activities and human intelligence activities. You also learn surveillance, counter surveillance, interrogations, debriefing , reporting and general military intelligence training.”

This schooling gives you national accreditation at the advanced level. The training takes approximately five months.
Beyond military service there are many opportunities to put these skills to use. There is always a need to assess vulnerabilities
and risks to any company or operation.

“Anyone can apply, the easiest way is to talk to their career planner. Also they can go to our website at to get started with the application.”

The 0211 CI/HUMINT military occupational specialty is a lateral movement only.